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in on September 18, 2018

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The PayGate for WooCommerce payment gateway allows customers to make payments using either the PayGate PayWeb or PayGate PayXML merchant facilities.

PayGate is a South African payment processor and has support for MasterCard and Visa, and optionally American Express and Diners Club.


  • PayGate account
  • SSL certificate – see SSL and HTTPS for free and low-cost options
  • Your store’s location must be set to South Africa and currency set to ZAR (rand)

Setup and Configuration

  1. Go to: WooCommerce > Settings > Payments.
    Note: ‘Payments’ formerly called ‘Checkout’ prior to WooCommerce 3.4.
  2. Select PayGate. You are taken to the Settings screen.
  3. Configure your settings:
    • Enable/Disable – Enable to use. Disable to turn off.
    • Title – Choose the title shown to customers during checkout
    • Description – Add info shown to customers if they use PayGate
    • Yes/No to display the Description.
    • PayWeb or PayXML – Should match what you signed up for at the PayGate website.
    • PayGate Test Mode – Enable if store is in development. Disable Enable PayGate if this is the case.
    • PayGate ID and PayGate Password (Secret Key) – Enter, as shown on your PayGate account.
    • Accept Diners Club and American Express – Tick checkboxes if you are using PayXML and already enabled these options with PayGate. Not applicable to PayWeb.
  4. Save changes.

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